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international relations

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an arrangement in which people or groups from different countries visit each other or do each other’s jobs, for example in order to study another country’s language or improve relationships
the global village
the modern world in which all countries depend on each other and seem to be closer together because of modern communications and transport systems
involving governments of different countries
the international community
political leaders and important organizations from all parts of the world
international relations
the political relationships that exist between different countries
involving two or more countries
involving people from many different countries, especially soldiers
phoney war
a period of time during which people or governments are officially at war, but are not in fact fighting
the development of greater understanding and friendship between two countries or groups after they have been unfriendly
an improvement in the relationship between two countries
in the past, money or other things that one leader had to give to a more powerful leader
if two towns in different countries are twinned, they have established a formal connection to encourage visits and exchange information
world order
the political, economic, or social situation in the world at a particular time and the effect that this has on relationships between different countries
normalize relations
if two countries normalize relations, they have a friendly relationship again after a war or disagreement