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a nursery school (for children of 3-5)
primary school
нач школа
secondary school
senior school
(at) a place that gives students qualifications below the level of a university degree, often in the skills they need to do a particular job
tertiary education
higher/ university education
post-graduate school
relating to study done after receiving your first university degree.
lab work
laboratory experiments
cutting up animals for scientific research
graduate high school
complete high school
tone deaf
without an ear for music
Bachelor of Arts Degree
Bachelor of Science Degree
Masters of Arts
Masters of Science
alower level qualification offered at colleges rather than universities
diploma in
the qualification that you get when you have completed a diploma course аттестат
online course
онлайн курс
distance learning course
курс дистанционного обучения
vocational course
a course which teaches you skills for a specific job
non-vocational course
not related to a job but to a general subject instead
graduate from university
finish university/complete a degree course
enroll on a degree course
sign up for course/ undertake the course
major in physics
choose physics as your main subject at university
attend a lecture on smth
посещать лекци
attend a tutorial on climate change
посещать семинар по смене климата
deliver a lecture
to give a talk or presentation
to lecture in media studies
to talk about media studies or to teach ms at university
the faculty of Asian studies
a department specialising in Asian Studies at university
do coursework
doing project ot assignments as part of your course
smb currently doing their first degree
smb who has completed a degree course
being able to take notes in a lecture while the lecturer is talking
keep up with the work load
being able to maintain the level of studying required
fall behind with studies
fail to keep pace with the school/university work
work on/complete/submit/publish thesis on
работать над, заканчивать, сдавать, опубликовывать курсовую по теме
project work
literate in smth
computer literate грамотный в каком-либо продмете, осведомленный
the literacy rate
the percentage of people in a country able to read and write
comprehensive education
a well-rounded, broad education covering a variety of subjects
an award of either free or supported education for high achievers
apply for/receive a student loan
подавать на, получать студ заем
pay off a student loan
to repay money borrowed for university education
intensive course
course which runs over a short period of time but contains a lot of information and training
play truant
not attending schhol
being absent from school without permission
gap year
to take a year between high school and university
Asian Studies has been introduced into the curriculum as an option
эйжан стадис были включены в расписание как выриант
get top marks in the test
получить лучшие оценки по тесту
study for exam
review'revise for exam
deliver essay
hand essay in сдать эссе
suffer from exam nerves
suffer from exam stress/worries
affect concentration
влиять на концентрацию
learn practical skills along with academic subjects
учиться практическим навыкам вместе с изучением академических предметов
she was admitted to the university
ее приняли в универ
poor attendance
плохая посещаемость
attend a lecture
посещать лекцию
a board of education
комитет по вопросам образования
boarding school
пансионат, интернат
certificated teacher
дипломированный педагог
selective course
курс по выбору
on the curriculum
в плане обучения
primary education
начальное образование
secondary education
среднее образовани
tertiary education
высшее образование
exam in
экзамен по чл
the language of instruction
язык обучения, преподавания
open enrolment
свободный прием в уч заведение
entrance exam
вступит экзамен
final exam
выпускной экзамен
fail/do badly in an exam
провалить экзамен
ignorance безграмотность
anti-illiteracy campaign
программа по искоренению безграмотности
promotion exam
переводной экз
award a scholarship
присуждать стипендию
technical school
vocational school
профессионально-техническое училище
state-run school
гос школа
preparatory school
подготовительная школа
public/private school
беспл, частная шк
graduate from university
выпускаться из универа
a graduate of oxford in economics
выпускник оксфорда по экономике
a fresher/freshman
revise for an exam
повторять для экз
organise notes
упорядочить записи