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slowly nodding off (in public)
I would like
peti qui peti
first things first, let's do this regardless
cockle, darnel, invasive plant (lit.); discord (among former friends) (fig.)
tocar el dos
to make ourselves scarce, get out of here, to beat it
to budge, move, get a move on
himself, herself, itself; oneself; themselves; each other
llur, llurs
their, theirs (written Catalan)
una setmana dels tres dijous
when pigs fly, when hell freezes over
to crack, bang, crackle
se n'ha parlat molt
there has been a lot of talking about it
se m'ha acabat el tabac
I've run out of tobacco
El mapa? L'he perdut
The map? I've lost it
Aquell volia saludar-te
The man wanted to greet you
El va mossegar un gos
He was bitten by a dog
Deixa'm aquell llibre
Lend me that book
He de comunicar-vos un secret
I have to let you (pl.) know a secret
Lend it to us
No me'n queixo pas
I'm not complaining (about it)
to hurry, strive, make an effort
to fry
es veia perdut
he was lost
enuig (m.)
big man
big hand
no ho torneu a fer
don't do it again
Deu haver-hi una manera d'arreglar-ho
there must be a way to sort it out
no puc nedar
I can't swim (because I've got a broken leg, etc.)
no sé nedar
I can't swim (because I haven't learnt), I don't know how to swim
No penso fer-ho fins demà
I don't intend to do it until tomorrow
Faig fer un suèter de punt
I have a sweater knitted
El pare fa dormir el nen
The father puts the boy to bed
Per què no feu pintar el sostre?
Why don't you have the ceiling painted?
Avui al cinema fan una pel·lícula anglesa
They are showing an English film at the cinema today
fer goig
to look nice
to do (emphatic, colloq.)
no fumis!
you don't say!, don't be silly!
Què fumeu aquí?
What are you doing here? (colloq.)
En tot el dia no fum res
He does nothing all day (colloq.)
to fuck, annoy, bother (colloq. very vulg.)
fer mitja
to knit
twenty-odd, about twenty
ben mirat
on reflection, on consideration
entendre's (en)
to be good (at), to be knowledgeable