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French tanks

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Char B1
French heavy tank manufactured by Renault used by Frech army during German Blitzkrieg in 1940 and Free French Forces after 1944. Armed with 75 mm howitizer.
Somua S-35
French Cavalry tank of the Second World War. Built from 1936 until 1940 to equip the armoured divisions of the Cavalry.
Hotchkiss H35
Light French tank, armed with 37 mm SA18 gun manufactured by Hotchkiss et Cie. Many of this tanks were captured by Nazi Germany.
Renault FT
Light tank produced after World War I. First tank used by Polish army. Many of this tanks were used to defend France from Germany during WWII.
ARL 44
French heavy tank manufactured just after World War II. Only 60 of these tanks were created. It didn't particpate in any conflict, because it was phased out.