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boldness, daring, recklessness
audacia, -ae
scientia, -ae
night watch, guard
vigilia, -ae
oculus, -i
fire, conflagration
incendium, -i
conspiracy, plot
conjuratio, conjurationis
end, (pl.) territory
finis, finis (m.)
rage, frenzy, madness
furor, furoris
manner, custom, (pl.) character
mos, moris (m.)
plague, ruin
pestis, pestis
publicus, a, um
nocturnal, nightly
nocturnus, a, um
quam (adv.)
not know, am unware, overlook
ignoro, 1, tr.
call together, summon together
convoco, 1, tr.
lie open, am open, extend
pateo, patēre, patui, 2, intr.
avoid, shun
vito, 1, tr.
already, now
jam (adv.)
in truth, but, of course
vero (adv. and conj.)
long (since), long (ago)
jam pridem/ jam diu/ jam dudum