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First Oration Against Catiline, lines 136-170

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sentinel, guard, protection
custodia, -ae
am awake, am on guard
vigilo, 1, tr.
sharply, keenly, piercingly
acrius (comparative of acriter)
prior, prius
darkly, obscurely
obscure (adv.)
to that same place, in that same place
eodem (adv.)
madness, folly
amentia, -ae
along (with), together
una (adv.)
ubinam (adv.)
death, destruction
interitus, -us
opinion, vote
sententia, -ae
iron, steel, sword, spearpoint
ferrum, -i
slaughter, kill fiercely
trucido, 1, tr.
night before last
priore nocte
to deal in the dark, to be vague
obscure agere
to ask an opinion, call upon a vote
sententiam rogare