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free, liberate
libero, 1, tr.
it pleases, it seems good
placet, placēre, placuit, placitum, 2, intr.
miss, long for
desidero, 1, tr.
find out, discover
comperio, comperire, comperi, compertus, 4, tr.
lead out
educo, educere, eduxi, eductus, 3, tr.
say, foretell
praedico, praedicere, praedixi, praedictus, 3, tr.
place, determine
statuo, statuere, statui, statutus, 3, tr.
choose, pick out
deligo, deligere, delegi, delectus, 3, tr.
but if
quodsi (conj.)
at some time, at length
aliquando (adv.)
(by) a little
paulo (abl. of degree of difference)
a little
paulum, (adv.)