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First Oration Against Catiline, lines 171-207

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among, in the presence of
apud + acc.
apportion, divide
discribo, discribere, discripsi, discriptus, 3, tr.
mora- ae
care, concern
cura, -ae
strenghten, make secure
firmo, 1, tr.
exclude, shut out
excludo, excludere, exclusi, exclusus, 3, tr.
in the morning, early
mane (adv.)
keep straight, go straight, proceed
pergo, pergere, perrexi, perrectum, 3, intr.
too, excessively
minimum (adv.)
if not
si minus = si non
clean, purify
purgo, 1, tr.
am between, am among, take part in
intersum, interesse, interfui, interfuturus, irreg., intr.
move about, dwell, engage in, remain
versor, 1, intr.
at Laeca's house, at Laeca's
apud Laecam
a little delay, some delay
paulum morae
a little before dawn, just before sunrise
paulo ante lucem
at that particular time, just at that moment
id temporis
under these circumstances, and since this is so
quae cum ita sint