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First Oration Against Catiline, lines 258-289

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mark, brand
nota, -ae
desire, passion, lust
libido, libidinis
outrage, shameful deed
flagitium, -i
young lad
adulescentulus, -i
torch, firebrand
fax, facis
carry in front of, bear before
praeferro, praeferre, praetuli, praelatus, irreg., tr.
uxor, uxoris
vacuefacio, vacuofacere, vacuofeci, vacuefactus, 3, tr.
let pass by, overlook
praetermitto, praetermittere, praetermisi, praetermissus, 3, tr.
exsisto, exsistere, exstiti, 3, intr.
disgrace, dishonor
ignominia, -ae
fault, crime
vitium, -i
on the day before
dismiss, omit
omitto, omittere, omis, omissus, 3, tr.
during the consulship of Lepidus and Tullus
Lepido et Tullo consolibus