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crowd, throng
frequentia, -ae
judgement, trial
judicium, -i
odium, -i
sight, look, appearance
aspectus, -us
parens, parentis
just, lawful
justus, a, um
obscure, dark
obscurus, a, um
indeed, at least
quidem (adv.)
as, just as
ut/ sic...ut (conj.)
want, lack
careo, carērere, carui, cariturus, 2, intr.
withdraw, yield
concedo, concedere, concessi, concessus, 3, tr. and intr.
overwhelm, surprise
opprimo, opprimere, oppressi, oppressus, 3, tr.
slip away, escape
elabor, elabi, elapsus sum, 3, intr.
observe, perceive
conspicor, 1, tr.
suspicor, 1, tr.
malo, malle, malui, tr.