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guard, custody
custodia, -ae
fatherland, native land, country
patria-, -ae
bond; (pl.) chains, prison
vinculum, -i
carcer, carceris
inquiry, investigation
quaestio, quaestionis
impunitus, a, um
worthy (of)
dignus, a, um
falsus, a, um
silent, silently, quiet, quietly
tacitus, a, um
live, dwell
habito, 1, tr.
obtain (by asking)
impetro, 1, tr.
judico, 1, tr.
employ, use
adhibeo, 2, tr.
am strong, am influential, am well
valeo, valēre, valui, 2, intr.
depart, withdraw
discedo, discedere, discessi, discessum, 3, intr.