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First Oration Against Catiline, lines 387-449

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emorior, emori, emortuus sum, 3, intr.
with composure, resignedly
aequo animo
go away, depart
abeo, abire, abii, abitum, irreg., intr.
solitudo, solitudinis
you say
listen to, pay attention, heed
attendo, attendere, attendi, attentus, 3, tr.
silentium, -i
approve, prove
probo, 1, tr.
solum (adv.)
stand around
circumsto, circumstare, circumsteti, 1, tr.
escort, pursue
prosequor, prosequi, prosecutus sum, 3, tr.
and yet why
quamquam quid
and yet, although, though
tametsi (conj.)
terrify greatly, frighten thoroughly
perterreo, 2, tr.
present, propitious
praesens (gen. praesentis)
fresh, new
recens (gen. recentis)
future generations
posteritas, posteritatis
sense of shame, propriety, honor
pudor, pudoris
to put up to the House, to lay before the Senate
ad senatum referre
violent hands
vis et manus
weaponed hands
manus ac tela
to make up one's mind
animum inducere
for the present
in praesens tempus
for the future
in posteritatem/ in posterim
it is worth it, it is worth while
est tanti