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information, proof
indicium, -i
potestats, potestatis
endless, extensive
infinitus, a, um
fond of, eager for
studiosus, a, um
someone, something
aliquis, aliquid
aliquis, aliqua, aliquid
amo, 1, tr.
point out, accuse
indico, 1, tr.
read aloud
recito, 1, tr.
care for, take care
curo, 1 , tr.
am of the opinion, think
censeo, censēre, censui, census, 2, tr.
admit, confess
confiteor, confiteri, confessus sum, 2, tr.
bring in
introduco, introducere, introduxi, introductus, 3, tr.
lego, legere, legi, lectus, 3, tr.