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Third Oration against Catiline, lines 87-165

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revive, restore, refresh
recreo, 1, tr.
approach, am added
accedo, accedere, acccessi, accessum, 3, intr.
map out, draw up
describo, describere, descripsi, descriptus, 3, tr.
at hand
praesto (adv.)
except, meet receive
excipio, excipere, excepi, exceptus, 3, tr.
jusjurandum, jusjurandi
prescribe, dictate
praescribo, praescribere, praescripsi, praescriptus, 3, tr.
fated, destined
fatalis, e
dispute, quarrel
controversia, -ae
item (adv.)
stricken, broken
debilitatus, a, um
dejected, cast down
abjectus, a, um
repente (adv.)
I said
silent, mute
mutus, a, um
put forth, state, explain
edo, edere, edidi, editus, 3, tr.
rise, stand up
surgo, surgere, surrexi, surrectus, 3, intr.
subito (adv.)
mad, wild
demens (dementis)
infitior, 1, tr.
impudence, effrontery, shamelessness
impudentia, -ae
depravity, recklessness
improbitas, improbitatis
impudenter (adv.)
charge, allege
insimulo, 1, tr.
argument, proof
argumentum, -i
admission, confession
confessio, confessionis
color, coloris
look, expression, face, countenance
vultus, -us
fix my gaze on, fasten my eyes on
intueor, intueri, intuitus sum, 2, tr.
glance at, look at
aspicio, aspicere, aspexi, aspectus, 3, tr.
diversity, variety
varietas, varietatis
with a view to
eo consilio ut
to make a long story short, not to bore you
ac ne longum sit
in his own handwriting
ipsius manu scriptum
to much the same effect, of about the same import
in eandem fere sententiam
to offer an opportunity to speak
facere postestatem dicendi
but after a while
post autem aliquanto
what business have I with you, what have I got to do with you
quid mihi cum vobis est
contrary to everyone's expectation
praeter opinionem omnium
by heart, from memory
ex memoria