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Third Oration against Catiline, lines 166-236

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preparation, foresight
providentia, -ae
use, employ, exercise
utor, uti, usus sum, 3, intr.
move back, remove
removeo, removēre, removi, remotus, 2, tr.
the praetorship, the office of the praetor
praetura, -ae
abdicate, renounce, resign
abdico, 1, tr.
demand, claim
deposco, deposcere, depoposci, 3, tr.
an inciting, an alluring, a tempting
sollicitatio, sollicitationis
lead through, conduct, win over, influence, prolong
perduco, perducere, perduxi, perductus, 3, tr.
crowd, multitude
multitudo, multitudinis
public thanksgiving, day of prayer
supplicatio, supplicationis
remarkable, distinguished, outstanding, alone
singularis, e
kindness, favor, merit, desert
meritum, -i
magistrate, magistracy
magistratus, -u
religio, religionis
by name
nominatim (adv.)
consceleratus, a, um
periculosus, a, um
power, help; pl., wealth, resources
ops, opis
temeritas, temeritatis
until, while
dum (conj.)
approach, access, entrance
aditus, -us
tongue, language
lingua, -ae
toil, am in difficulty
laboro, 1, intr.
perdo, perdere, perdidi, perditus, 3, tr.
drive together, collect
compello, compllere, compuli, compulsus, 3, tr.
cervices, cervicium
announce, threaten
denuntio, 1, tr.
absens (gen. absentis)
furtum, -i
quam (adv.)
obsisto, obsistere, obstiti, 1, tr.
lightly, mildly
leve (adv.)
to put under surveillance
in custodiam tradere
in my name, on my account, in my honor
meo nomine
since the founding of this city
post hanc urbem conditam
it is done and over with
factum atque transactum est
to say the least, to put the case very mildly
ut levissime dicam