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Third Oration against Catiline, lines 237-358

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nod, consent, will
nutus, -us
turn from, turn away from, am hostile to
averto, avertere, averti, aversus, 3, tr.
especially, particulary
praecipue (adv.)
the forum
forum, -i
conjurati, conjuratorum
madly, foolishly
dementer (adv.)
ignotus, a, um
actually, truly, indeed
profecto (adv.)
providentially, from heaven
divinitus (adv.)
just, lawful
justus, a, um
clothed in the toga
togatus, a, um
civilis, e
strife, struggle, quarrel
dissensio, dissensionis
drive out
expello, expellere, expuli, expulsus, 3, tr.
colleague, partner in office
collega, -ae
heap, pile
acervus, -i
lumen, luminis
savagery, cruelty, severity
crudelitas, crudelitatis
commuto, 1, tr.
dijudico, 1, tr.
of such a sort, of such a kind, such as
qualis, e
survive, am left
supersum, superesse, superfui, superfuturus, irreg., intr.
incolumnis, e
mark, sign, insignia
insigne, insignis
sempiternus, a, um
delight, charm
delecto, 1, tr.
spero, 1, tr.
boundary, limit
regio, regionis
bound, limit
termino, 1, tr.
seat, abode
sedes, sedis
rightly, correctly
recte (adv.)
prosum, prodesse, profui, profuturus, irreg., intr.
am harmful
obsum, obesse, obfui, obfuturus, irreg., intr.
worth, esteem, honor
dignitas, dignitatis
injure, outrage
violo, 1, tr.
posthac (adv.)
fruit, produce, profit
fructus, -us
especially, particularly
praesertim (adv.)
perform, complete
perficio, perficere, perfeci, perfectus, 3, tr.
look at, protect
tueor, tueri, tuitus sum, 2, tr.
envious, hostile
invidus, a, um
conduct, treat
tracto, 1, tr.
hostile to truth
aversus a vero
besides oneself, out of one's mind
mente captus
to keep the citizens safe and sound
cives integros incolumesque servare
my exploits, my achievements
res quas ego gessi