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criminal negligence, wickedness
nequitia, -ae
walls, fortifications
moenia, moenium
right, justice
jus, juris (n.)
voluntas, voluntatis
disaster, destruction
pernicies, perniciei
wicked, depraved
improbus, a, um
desperate, abandoned
perditus, a, um
crudelis, e
manner, kind
modus, -i
of this kind, of this sort
ejus modi/ hujus modi
not yet
nondum (adv.)
potius (adv.)
grasp, arrest
comprehendo, comprehendere, comprehendi, comprehensus, 3, tr.
grow, increase
cresco, crescere, crevi, cretum, 3, intr.
lay down, give up
depono, deponere, deposui, depositus, 3, tr.
molior, moliri, molitus sum, 4, tr.
come upon, find (out), discover
invenio, invenire, inveni, inventus, 4, tr.