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First Oration Against Catiline, lines 64-98

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but, yet
verum (adv.)
as if, just as if, like
tamquam (adv.)
it is necessary, it is suitable
convenit, convenire, convenit, 4, intr.
senators, gentlemen of the Senate
patres (patrum) conscripti (conscriptorum)
inertia, -ae
each, one at a time, one each
singuli, ae, a
intra + acc.
some, any
aliquis, aliqua, aliquod
every day, daily
cotidie (adv.)
too late
serius (adv.)
anyone, anything
quisquam, quidquam
at length, at last, thereupon, finally
denique (adv.)
as long as
quamdiu (conj.)
obstruct, blockade, besiege
obsideo, obsidēre, obsedi, obsessus, 2, tr.
day by day, each day
in dies
each successive day, day after day
in dies singulos
take my advice, take it from me, take my word for it, upon my word
mihi crede