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First Oration Against Catiline, lines 99-135

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auris, auris
up to this time, hitherto
adhuc (adv.)
(and) really, (and) in fact, (for) truly
tenebrae, tenebrarum
and not, nor, neither
nec (neque)
walls of a room, partitions
parietes, parietum
it is allowed, it is permitted
licet, licēre, licuit, 2, intr.
review, recall
recognosco, recognoscere, recognovi, recognitus, 3, tr.
duodecimus, a, um
sextus, a, um
deceive, cheat, play false
fallo, fallere, fefelli, falsus, 3, tr.
quintus, a, um
at that time, when
enclose about, hedge in
circumcludo, circumcludere, circumclusi, circumclusus, 3, tr.
departure, withdrawal, absence
discessus, -us
the remainder
ceteri, ae, a
settle down, remain
resideo, residēre, resedi, 2, intr.
conent(ed), satisfied
contentus, a, um
to be under arms, to be in arms
in armis esse