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Bod - Present Tense

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to be
dw i
I am
rwyt ti
you are (informal)
Mae e
he is
Mae hi
she is
dyn ni
we are
dych chi
you are (formal/plural)
Maen nhw
they are
mae Fred
Fred is
Ble dw i'n byw?
Where do I live?
Dw i'n byw yn Nhalybont
I live in Talybont
Rwyt ti'n byw yng Nghaerdydd
You live in Cardiff (informal)
Mae e'n byw ym Mhorthcawl
He lives in Porthcawl
Ble rwyt ti'n byw?
Where do you live? (informal)
Mae hi'n byw ym Mangor
She lives in Bangor
Ble mae e'n byw?
Where does he live?
Ble mae hi'n byw?
Where does she live?
Ble dyn ni'n byw?
Where do we live?
Dyn ni'n byw yng Ngobowen
We live in Gobowen
Ble dych chi'n byw?
Where do you live? (formal/plural)
Dych chi'n byw ym Machynlleth
You live in Machynlleth (formal/plural)
Mae Fred yn byw yn Abertawe
Fred lives in Swansea
Ble maen nhw'n byw?
Where do they live?
Maen nhw'n byw yn Nerwenlas
They live in Derwenlas
Dw i ddim yn byw yn Llundain
I do not live in London