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Oes plant 'da chi?
Have you any children? (formal/plural)
Oes plant 'da ti?
Have you any children? (informal)
Yes (I have)
Nac oes
No (I haven't)
mae plant 'da fi
I have children
does dim plant 'da fi
I haven't children
Faint o blant sy 'da chi?
How many children have you? (formal/plural)
Faint o blant sy 'da ti?
How many children have you? (informal)
mae un mab 'da fi
I have one son
mae dau fab 'da fi
I have two sons
mae tri mab 'da fi
I have three sons
mae pedwar mab 'da fi
I have four sons
mae un ferch 'da fi
I have one daughter
mae dwy ferch 'da fi
I have two daughters
mae tair merch 'da fi
I have three daughters
mae pedair merch 'da fi
I have four daughters
roedd plant 'da fi
I had children