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Ble ro'ch chi'n byw?
Where did you live? (formal/plural)
Ble ro't ti'n byw?
Where did you live? (informal)
Ble ro't ti'n byw cyn symud i Aberystwyth?
Where did you live before moving to Aberystwyth? (informal)
Ro'n i'n byw yn Llundain
I lived in London
Do'n i ddim yn byw yng Nghymru
I didn't live in Wales
Ble roedd e'n arfer gweithio?
Where did he used to work?
Roedd hi'n arfer gweithio mewn ysgol
She used to work in a school
O't ti'n blentyn drwg pan o't ti yn yr ysgol?
Were you a naughty child when you were at school? (informal)
O'n, ro'n i'n jawl bach drwg
Yes, I was a little devil
Nac o'n, ro'n i fel angel
No, I was an angel