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Faint o'r gloch yw hi?
What is the time?
mae hi'n un o'r gloch
It is one o'clock
mae hi'n dri o'r gloch
It is three o'clock
mae hi'n bump o'r gloch
It is five o'clock
mae hi'n un ar ddeg o'r gloch
It is eleven o'clock
mae hi'n ddeuddeg o'r gloch
It is twelve o'clock
mae hi'n bum munud wedi tri
It is five minutes past three
mae hi'n ddeg munud wedi pump
It is ten minutes past five
mae hi'n chwarter wedi un ar ddeg
It is quarter past eleven
mae hi'n ugain munud wedi deuddeg
It is twenty minutes past twelve
mae hi'n bum munud ar hugain wedi pump
It is twenty-five minutes past five
mae hi'n hanner awr wedi chwech
It is half past six
mae hi'n bum munud ar hugain i ddau
It is twenty-five minutes to two
mae hi'n ugain munud i bedwar
It is twenty minutes to four
mae hi'n chwarter i ddeuddeg
It is quarter to twelve
mae hi'n ddeg munud i naw
It is ten minutes to nine
mae hi'n bum munud i un ar ddeg
It is five minutes to eleven
hanner dydd
canol dydd
hanner nos