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Dyn ni'n barod
We are ready
Maen nhw'n barod
They are ready
Dyn ni'n deall
We understand
Maen nhw'n deall
They understand
Dyn ni wedi bennu
We have finished
Maen nhw wedi bennu
They have finished
Dyn ni wedi blino
We are tired
Maen nhw wedi blino
They are tired
Dyn ni ddim yn barod
We are not ready
Dyn nhw ddim wedi bennu
They haven't finished
Ydyn nhw'n gallu mynd?
Can they go?
Ydyn ni'n gallu dod?
Can we come?
Ydyn nhw'n gallu siarad Cymraeg?
Can they speak Welsh?
Ydyn ni'n gallu aros?
Can we stay?
Maen nhw'n gallu mynd
They can go
Dyn ni'n gallu siarad Cymraeg
We can speak Welsh
Dyn nhw ddim yn gallu dod
They cannot come
Dyn ni ddim yn gallu aros
We cannot stay