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Ydy Fred yna?
Is Fred there?
Pwy sy'n siarad?
Who's speaking?
Emma sy yma
It's Emma here
Fred sy'n siarad
Fred speaking
Dyw e ddim yma ar hyn o bryd
He's not here at the moment
Mae hi'n brysur ar hyn o bryd
She's busy at the moment
Does neb yma ar hyn o bryd
There's no-one here at the moment
Alla i siarad â Fred?
Can I speak to Fred?
Alla i gael gair ag Emma?
Can I have a word with Emma?
Alla i'ch helpu chi?
Can I help you?
Yes, you can
Alla i gymryd neges?
Can I take a message?
Na allwch
No, you cannot
mae'n flin 'da fi
sorry (South Wales)
Mae'n ddrwg gen i
I'm sorry (North Wales)
Allwch chi roi neges iddo fe?
Can you give him a message? (formal/plural)
Yes, I can
Elli di roi neges iddi hi?
Can you give her a message? (informal)
Na alla
No, I cannot
Allwch chi ofyn iddi hi ffonio'n ôl?
Can you ask her to phone back? (formal/plural)
Elli di ofyn iddo fe ffonio'n ôl?
Can you ask him to phone back? (informal)