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Dw i wedi gweld Sherlock
I have watched Sherlock
Dw i ddim wedi gwneud y gwaith cartre
I haven't done the homework
Ydych chi wedi cael digon?
Have you had enough? (formal/plural)
Wyt ti wedi bwyta gormod?
Have you eaten too much? (informal)
Ydych chi wedi anghofio?
Have you forgotten? (formal/plural)
Ydy e wedi cyrraedd?
Has he arrived?
Ydy, mae e wedi cyrraedd
Yes, he has arrived
Nac ydy, dyw e ddim wedi cyrraedd
no. he hasn't arrived
Ydyn nhw wedi cyrraedd?
Have they arrived?
Ydyn, maen nhw wedi cyrraedd
Yes, they have arrived
Nac ydyn, dyn nhw ddim wedi cyrraedd
No, they haven't arrived