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Coffee Break

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Beth dych chi ei eisiau?
What do you want? (formal/plural)
Beth rwyt ti ei eisiau?
What do you want? (informal)
te gwan i fi
weak tea for me
coffi cryf i fi
strong coffee for me
os gwelwch yn dda
dim byd i fi
nothing for me
thank you
Wyt ti'n cymryd siwgwr?
Do you take sugar? (informal)
Ydych chi'n cymryd llaeth?
Do you take milk? (formal/plural)
Oes digon o laeth yn hwn?
Is there enough milk in this?
Oes digon o siwgwr yn hwnna?
Is there enough sugar in that?
Yes (I have)
Nac oes
No there isn't
digon o goffi
enough coffee
llawer o goffi
lots of coffee
mwy o goffi
too much coffee
gormod o goffi
way too much coffee
Mae hen ddigon o de 'ma
There's quite enough tea here
Wnewch chi basio'r siwgwr?
Will you pass the sugar? (formal/plural)
Wnei di basio'r llaeth?
Will you pass the milk? (informal)
Wnei di ddod â bisged i fi?
Will you get a biscuit for me? (informal)
Wnei di roi benthyg pensil i fi?
Will you lend me a pencil?
Wnewch chi nôl un i fi?
Will you fetch me one? (formal/plural)
yes, I will
na wnaf
no, I won't