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Rhaid i fi
I've got to
Rhaid i ti
You've got to (informal)
Rhaid iddo fe
He's got to
Rhaid iddi hi
She's got to
Rhaid i ni
We've got to
Rhaid i chi
You've got to (formal/plural)
Rhaid iddyn nhw
They've got to
Rhaid i fi fynd
I have to go
Rhaid i ti siarad Saesneg
You've got to speak English (informal)
Rhaid iddo fe adael
He's got to leave
Rhaid iddi hi gyrraedd
She's got to arrive
Rhaid i ni fwyta
We've got to eat
Rhaid i chi feddwl
You've got to think (formal/plural)
Rhaid iddyn nhw fod yn ofalus
They've got to be careful