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'Dyfalu Pwy'

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to guess
Dyn yw e?
Is it a man?
Menyw yw hi?
Is it a woman?
Joe Bloggs yw e?
Is it Joe Bloggs?
Jane Doe yw hi?
Is it Jane Doe?
yes it is
no it's not
Ydy e'n dew?
Is he fat?
Ydy hi'n dew?
Is she fat?
Mae e'n denau
He is thin
Mae hi'n denau
She is thin
Oes llygaid glas 'da fe?
Has he got blue eyes?
Oes llygaid glas 'da hi?
Has she got blue eyes?
Beth yw lliw ei wallt e?
What colour is his hair?
Beth yw lliw ei gwallt hi?
What colour is her hair?
Dw i'n meddwl taw Joe Bloggs yw e
I think that it's Joe Bloggs
Dw i'n meddwl taw Jane Doe yw hi
I think that it's Jane Doe