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to complain
Beth yw'r broblem?
What's the problem?
dw i ddim yn gallu gweld e
I can't see him/it
dwyt ti ddim yn gallu clywed e
you can't hear him/it (informal)
dych chi ddim yn gallu cario fe
you can't carry him/it (formal/plural)
dyw e ddim yn gallu deall e
he can't understand him/it
dyw hi ddim yn gallu fforddio fe
she can't afford him/it
dyn ni ddim yn licio fe
we don't like him/it
dyn nhw ddim eisiau fe
they don't want him/it
mae e'n rhy fach
he/it's too small
mae e'n rhy dawel
he/it's too quiet
mae e'n rhy anodd
he/it's too difficult
mae e'n rhy drwm
he/it's too heavy
mae e'n rhy ddrud
he/it's too expensive
dyw hwn ddim yn iawn
this one is no good
dyw hwn ddim yn gweithio
this one doesn't work
Beth wyt ti'n disgwyl i fi wneud?
what do you expect me to do? (informal)
Beth dych chi eisiau i fi wneud?
What do you want me to do? (formal/plural)
elli di newid e?
can you change him/it? (informal)
allwch chi newid hwn?
can you change this? (formal/plural)
allith e drwsio hwn?
can he fix this?
allith hi droi fe i lawr?
can she turn him/it down?
allwn ni symud hwn?
can we move this?
allan nhw cyfnewid hwn?
can they swap this?