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to get, to have
Ca i
I will get/have
Cei di
You will get/have (informal)
Cewch chi
You will get/have (formal/plural)
Ceith e
He will get/have
Ceith hi
She will get/have
Cawn ni
We will get/have
Cân nhw
They will get/have
Cha i ddim
I will not get/have
Chei di ddim
You will not get/have (informal)
Chewch chi ddim
You will not get/have (formal/plural)
Cheith e ddim
He will not get/have
Cheith hi ddim
She will not get/have
Chawn ni ddim
We will not get/have
Chân nhw ddim
They will not get/have
Ga i?
Will/May I get/have?
Gei di?
Will/May you get/have? (informal)
Gewch chi?
Will/May you get/have? (formal/plural)
Geith e?
Will/May he get/have?
Geith hi?
Will/May she get/have?
Gawn ni?
Will/May we get/have?
Gân nhw?
Will/May they get/have?