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Ga i goffi?
May I have a coffee?
Ga i goffi, os gwelwch yn dda?
May I have a coffee, please?
Ga i un i Ffred?
May I have one for Fred?
Ga i lifft?
May I have a lift?
Ga i daflen waith arall?
May I have another worksheet?
Ga i cael benthyg dy nodau os gwelwch yn dda?
Can I borrow your notes please?
Yes you may (informal)
Na chei
No you may not (informal)
Gawn ni ddefnyddio'r ffôn?
May we use the phone?
Yes you may (formal/plural)
Na chewch
No you may not (formal/plural)
Geith e fynd?
May he go?
Geith hi fynd?
May she go?
Yes he/she may
Na cheith
No he/she may not
Yes we may
Na chawn
No we may not
Gân nhw gweld chi?
May they see you? (formal/plural)
Yes they may
Na chân
No they may not