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How many?
Faint o?
How much?
Faint sy 'da chi?
How much have you got? (formal/plural)
Sawl sy 'da ti?
How many have you got? (informal)
Faint yw hwn?
How much is this one? (masculine)
Faint yw hon
How much is this one? (feminine)
Punt yr un
A pound each
Dwy bunt yr un
Two pound each
Tair punt yr un
Three pound each
Pedair punt yr un
Four pound each
Sawl gwaith buest ti?
How many times did you go? (informal)
Sawl gwaith buoch chi?
How many times did you go? (formal/plural)
Dim ond unwaith
Once only
Dim ond dwywaith
Twice only
Dim ond tair gwaith
Three times only
Sawl gwaith
Many times
Sawl chwaer sy 'da ti?
How many sisters have you? (informal)
Faint o amser sy 'da chi?
How much time have you? (formal/plural)