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Some Welsh Prepositions

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mynd am dro
to go for a walk
clywed am
to hear about
anghofio am
to forget about
poeni am
worry about
dysgu am
learn about
am byth
for ever
am ddwy awr
for two hours
am dri o'r gloch
at three o'clock
da am
good at
y gorau am
the best at
cerdded am adra
walks towards home
gwenu ar
to smile at
cadw llygad ar
keep an eye on
cael gafael ar
to get hold of
dibynnu ar
to depend on
addas ar gyfer
suitable for
hwyr ar gyfer
late for
yn barod ar gyfer
ready for
paratoi ar gyfer
to prepare for
yn dda ar gyfer
good for
deifrydol ar gyfer
ideal for
ar y bwrdd
on the table
ar dan
on fire
ar y cyfan
on the whole
ar ben fy hun
on my own
ar frys
in a hurry