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Negatives to defined objects

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negative for definite/named object
mohona i
I didn't (mo)
mohonot ti
you didn't (mo) (informal)
mohono fe
he didn't (mo)
mohoni hi
she didn't (mo)
mohonoch chi
you didn't (mo) (formal)
mohonyn nhw
they didn't (mo)
Welais i ddim ffilm neithiwr
I didn't see A film last night
Welais i mo'r ffilm neithiwr
I didn't see THE film last night
Welais i mo Star Wars neithiwr
I didn't see Star Wars last night
Fwytais i mo'r bisgedi
I didn't eat the biscuits
Phrynodd e mohonyn nhw
He didn't buy them
Welon ni mohoni hi
We didn't see her
Chrafodd e mo'r car
He didn't scratch the car