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pred enim dnevom
a day before
Pet dni. Prišli smo v petek.
Five Days. We came of Friday.
za praznike
for holidays
za konec tedna
for the weekend
Koliko časa ste že v Sloveniji?
How long have you been in Slovenia?
Koliko časa boste ostali?
How long will you stay?
čez en dan
in a day
čez nekaj dni
in a few days
čez dva tedna
in two weeks
naslednji teden
next week
v petek
on friday
v ponedeljek
on monday
v soboto
on saturday
v nedeljo
on sunday
v četrtek
on thursday
v torek
on tuesday
v sredo
on wednesday
še en teden. V nedeljo gremo
One more week. We are leaving on Sunday.
the day after tomorrow
the day before yesturday
ta teden
this week