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Treaty of Versailles
1919 - lost land, army and money and signed the War Guilt Clause
Friedrich Ebert
First leader of the Weimar Republic, Social Democrat
Six million
The level of unemployment in 1932
Gustav Stresemann
Became Chancellor in August 1923
1932 elections
Nazis won 37% of the vote and became the largest party in the Reichstag
January 1933
Hitler became Chancellor. Hindenburg and Papen thought they could control him.
1928 election
Nazis got 3% of the vote
The Young Plan
1929 - Plan to reduce the reparations that Germany had to pay
Stormtroopers, also known as the "Brownshirts"
The Reichstag
Parliament. Elected every four years through the system of Proportional Representation
Mein Kampf
"My Struggle", Hitler's novel, written in 1924 whilst in prison
Wall Street Crash
US stock market collapse
Invasion of the Ruhr
French and Belgian troops invade the Ruhr after Germany falls behind on reparation payments
1923 Munich Putsch
Failed Putsch in which Adolf Hitler and General Ludendorf held Kahr, the leader of Bavaria, hostage.
Locarno Pact
An agreement signed by Stresemann with Britain, France, Belgium and Italy
Stresemann's new temporary currency created to tackle hyperinflation.
The Red Rising in the Ruhr
1920 - a communist rising of 50,000 workers of one of Germany's main industrial areas.
The President
Elected every seven years. Article 48 gives them the power to create new laws without going through the Reichstag
The Dawes Plan
1924 - Plan that gave Germany more time to pay its allies and obtain US loans.
Spartacist Rising
Communist Revolution led by Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht
The Kapp Putsch
1920 - 12,000 right wing Freikorps marched on Berlin
1926 Nobel Peace Prize
Stresemann won and Germany joined the League of Nations
Currency is wildly devalued - happens to Germany over 1923