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Unit 1 - Political parties

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active citizenship
Is an extension of individual rights but wanted to extend a community spirit. Developed by Blair in 1990s
adversarial politics
circumstances where political parties are engaged in considerable conflict over political issues
policy formulating
Beveridge Group
Left wing faction of the liberal democrats
Big Society
vision of Cameron - the leading force for progress is social responsibility, not state control
Right wing party, intensely nationalistic and racist
breaks down the role of the individual or individuality. People prefer to achieve goals collectively and organised groups are more effective than individuals
introduces idea of active citizenship, developed by Blair in the 1990s
a state of mind and political movement that is naturally averse to excessive change and reform. It is sceptical about strongly held political views. prefers the known to the unknown and generally supp
conservative paternalism
Edmund Burke believed that strong government was necessary to rule a self-seeking and feckless population
a faction with the conservatives and is the right wing side
conservative way forward
a faction within the conservatives and stands of the centre right. Supporter of Thatcher
democratic socialists
sought to modify capitalism but did not want to create a working class state
One Nation Toryism founder