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Unit 1 - Elections

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Absolute majority
where an MP gains over 50% of the vote
Additional Member System
Additional Member System
a hybrid system with 2/3 FPTP and 1/3 regional list. Used in Scotland and Wales
Alternative vote
2011 referendum to replace FPTP
Lord Jenkins
proposed the alternative vote in 1997
Closed regional party system
used to elect the European Parliament
coalition governments
have not been a major feature in British politics due to FPTP
parties contesting at elections will lose this if they gain less than 5% of the vote
droop quota
in STV this is the quota that candidates must receive
election manifesto
set out of parties major ideas is they are elected. This is will become the mandate
first election manifesto
Labour 1945
electoral mandate
the winning party gains this if they are elected from their manifesto
first past the post
used in general elections
floating voter
a voter who will change their allegiance
hung parliament
if not party has an absolute majority
majoritarian systems
a system in which a candidate requires and absolute majority to be elected
straight plurality
when a candidate is elected if they receive more votes than anyone else but not 50%
proportional representation
description of an electoral system that converts votes into seats in a proportional way
most complex and proportional electoral system. Used in Northern Ireland
Supplementary vote
Used to elect the London mayor