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Unit 2 - The Constitution

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a set of principles that establishes the distribution of power within a political system, and protects the rights of citizens
a principle that government is limited by the constitution
federal constitution
where legal sovereignty is divided between the central government and regional governments
quasi federalism
where a great deal of power is devolved but legal sovereignty remains at he centre
unitary constitution
legal sovereignty is concentrated at central institutions
the process of setting out a constitution in an organised way in a single document
parliamentary sovereignty
the principle that parliament is the source of all political power
a process whereby power, but not sovereignty, is transferred to regions and countries
a popular vote on a specific question
constitutional government
government that is limited by a consitution
pooled sovereignty
where legal sovereignty is exercised collectively by a number of sovereign states
elective dictatorship
once elected government in the UK has uncontrolled power. (Lord Hailsham 1970s)