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Getting things done: visit to the dentist

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a formal arrangement to meet or visit someone at a particular time and place
bite sth
cut sth with your teeth
cause sth
be the reason that sth happens, often sth bad
a medical or dental examination to see if you are healthy
use your teeth to break up food in your mouth
dental surgery
a place where a dentist sees you
be afraid of something that is going to happen
examine sb
look at sb very carefully
a mixture that a dentist puts in your tooth to fill a hole
have toothache
have a pain in your tooth
look forward to
you are happy or excited about something that is going to happen
make an appointment
arrange a time to go to a dentist, doctor, etc
when something hurts
the ​treatment of ​injuries or ​diseases in ​people or ​animals by ​cutting ​open the ​body and ​removing or ​repairing the ​damaged ​part
take a tooth out
remove a tooth from your mouth
one of the hard ​white ​objects in the ​mouth that are used for ​biting and ​chewing
pain in tooth
the things a doctor or dentist does to make you better
doctor's surgery
a place where a doctor sees you