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se laisser distancer
to fall behind, to be left behind
faire du barouf
to kick up a fuss, to make a racket (not boucan, vacarme, brancards)
to mumble, mutter (to oneself)
gloser sur qqch
to ramble on about sth, gossip about sth (not radoter)
ça va faire jaser dans le quartier
that'll get the neighbours' tongues wagging
une condition préalable
a prerequisite
mais à une condition
but on one condition
il ne désarme pas
he won't give in, he keeps battling on
avoir les yeux bandés
to be blindfolded
avoir des oeillères
to wear blinkers, to have a blinkered view of things
to wield, handle, work (sth)
modify, redraft, reshuffle
sur l'impulsion du moment
on the spur of the moment
sous l'impulsion de
spurred (on) by, driven by
constater un fait
to acknowledge a fact
il y a pire
there's worse
gérer les imprévus
to handle/deal with the unexpected
the unexpected
scattered, thin, sparse (not épars)
vile, revolting, despicable
le suppôt
s'indigner de
to become exasperated about, be indignant about
le râtelier à fusils
gun rack
mettre qqch au rancart
to chuck sth out, bin sth, get rid of sth (not balancer, plaquer) (does not end with d)
le rancard
info, tip, (syn.rendez-vous) (does not end with t)