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mêle-toi de tes affaires
mind your own business
se flatter de faire
to pride oneself on doing
la plaque de verglas
patch of black ice
une version latine
a Latin translation
tirer la couverture à soi
to turn a situation to one's advantage
autant que
as much as, as far as
le lieu de culte
place of worship
tenir lieu de
to serve as (chambre, réfectoire) ( not office, servir)
silty (rivière, terre)
le limon
le lingot de métal
metal ingot
clear, limpid, lucid
raisonner qqn
to reason with sb
raisonner avant d'agir
to think carefully before acting
slowed (geste, rythme, croissance)
au ralenti
in slow motion, slowly
avancer au ralenti
to crawl along
le rajeunissement
modernisation, renovation
la radiation à vie
expulsion for life
après leur radiation du comité
after their expulsion from the committee
to blink, to flash on and off, to go on and off
la balise
radio beacon, beacon, buoy (not phare)
hefty (sb, not costaud)
to mark out with signals, to mark out, to signpost; to have the jitters
se renvoyer la balle
to keep passing the buck; to put the blame on each other