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participer à
to participate in, to take part in, to have a part in (projet)
la recension
review (not critique, révision)
le récidiviste
habitual offender
dans la mesure du possible
as far as possible
donner toute sa mesure
to have free course, to express oneself to one's full extent
se succéder
to follow one another (not suite)
to engulf, swallow up, gulp down, squander
sensual, sensualist
la question de fond
fundamental question
un fond de vérité
an element of truth
la raison de fond
substantive reason, underlying reason
l'article passe dans
the article appears in, the article is published in
reprendre confiance
to regain one's confidence
reprendre les hostilités
to reopen hostilities
reprendre le travail
to go back to work
il le reprit
he took it back up again, he continued (passé simple)
toqué de qqn
crazy about sb (amoureux)
batty, flaky
tenir à
to value, to be fond of (sb)
to operate (on); to make (choix, changement, distinction)
le gendre
son-in-law, stepson
la clope
fag (cigarette, not tige)
to split, to double up
avoir prise sur qqn
to have a hold over sb
n'offrir aucune prise
to be impossible to pin down