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engager qqn à faire
to urge sb to do (not pousser)
ceci vous engage
this is binding
cela ne vous engage à rien
this doesn't commit you to anything
to invest (moyens), to start (débat), to enlist (recrues), to take on (worker)
ému de qqch
moved by sth
tant bien que mal
after a fashion, somehow
tant mieux pour lui
good for him
tant pis pour lui
too bad for him
la canadienne
fur-lined jacket (not pélisse)
la pelisse
fur-lined coat, pelisse
faire un clin d'oeil à
to wink at
se rétrécir
to narrow, to get narrower
le répit
respite, reprieve (not sursis)
ivre mort
blind drunk
ivre de rage
wild with rage
le rude appétit
healthy appetite
le rude gaillard
strapping fellow
bouillonner d'activité
to bustle with activity (not s'activer, s'affairer)
to bubble
auprès de
next to, compared with
s'attrister de qqch
to be saddened by sth (not se désoler)
discipleship, evangelism; dedication, vocation
kick-off; investment
to tease
to untangle, to get to the bottom of