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olfactory nerve
sense of smell
optic nerve
vision; pupillary light reflex
oculomotor nerve
eyelid and eyeball movement
trochlear nerve
innervates superior oblique turns eye downward and laterally
trigeminal nerve
motor: muscles of mastication; sensory: face; rostral to ears
abducens nerve
lateral rectus muscle rotates globe laterally: retract globe into orbit
facial nerve
muscles of facial expression; taste to rostral 2/3 of tongue
vestibulocochlear nerve
equilibrium sensation; hearing
glossopharyngeal nerve
Taste (posterior 1/3 of tongue); Somatosensory information from tongue, tonsil, pharynx; controls some muscles used in swallowing.
vagus nerve
sensory and motor to pharynx and larynx; parasympathetic to thoracic and abdominal organs
spinal accessory nerve
motor nerve; innervates trapezius, sternocleidomastoid muscle. Provides muscle movement of the shoulders and surrounding neck.
hypoglossal nerve
motor nerve: controls the muscles of the tongue