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olfactory bulb
olfactory nerve
somatic motor: oculomotor Visceral motor: Edinger-Westphal
oculomotor nerve
somatic motor: trochlear
trochlear nerve
branchial motor: trigeminal
trigeminal nerve
somatic motor: abducens
abducens nerve
branchial motor, visceral motor, taste: facial
facial nerve
special sensory: cochlear; vestibular
vestibulocochlear nerve
branchial motor, visceral motor: ambiguus; taste, visceral sensory: nucleus of the solitary tract;
glossopharyngeal nerve
ambiguus; nucleus of the solitary tract; trigeminal
vagus nerve
branchial motor: accessory; visceral motor: ambiguus
spinal accessory nerve
somatic motor: hypoglossal nucleus
hypoglossal nerve
lateral geniculate nucleus of thalamus
optic nerve