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armut ağacın dibine düşer
The pear doesn't fall away from its tree.
göz kulak olmak
to look after (children)
kırk yılda bir
once in a blue moon
vakit öldürmek
to kill time
ateşle oynamak
to play with fire
burnu havada olmak
to have one's nose in the air
bir eli yağda bir eli balda
to be in the lap of luxury
damarına basmak
to push someone's buttons
açlıktan ölmek
to starve, be starving to death
internette gezmek
to surf the internet
allah senden razı olsun
may God be pleased with you
et ile tırnak gibi
inseparable (like fingernails and flesh)
bereket versin
God bless you; thank you; fortunately
el üstünde tutmak
to put someone on a pedestal
peace be with you
tuttuğun altın olsun
May what you touch be gold! (May you have the Midas touch.)
And also with you! (normal response to 'selamünaleyküm')
ekmeğiyle oynamak
to threaten one's job
başın sağ olsun
(after a death) please accept my condolences
incir çekirdeği
something very small
in the name of God
baş üstüne
certainly, with pleasure (response to 'herkese selam söyleyin')
tıklım tıklım
crowded, chock full
mutluluktan uçmak
to be on cloud 9; (fly with happiness)
I'll let them know (a secular/atheist response to being asked to give someone 'selam')
pireyi deve yapmak
to make a mountain out of a molehill; [to make the flea a camel]
allah belanı versin!
God damn you!
hiç derdi olmamak
not to have a care in the world
göz dikmek
to set one's eye on, covet
Damlaya damlaya göl olur.
drop by drop a lake is formed [context of money, often]
sakla samanı gelir zamanı
waste not want not / keep a thing and you'll find a use for it in time
Biraz daha otursaydınız
If only you would stay a little longer (said after they ask permission and are getting ready to leave)
vakit nakittir
time is money
çenesi düşmek
to talk excessively (have verbal diarrhea)
allah kerim
God is great. ('anything's possible' meaning?)
abuk sabuk konuşmak
to talk nonsense
with your permission; if you'll excuse me (said when passing someone)
hakkını helal etmek
to give up something to somebody (an Islamic request for forgiveness)
Ne güzel oturuyorduk!
We were having such a nice visit (said as they stand to leave)
kedi uzanamadığı ciğere pis der
The cat says that the liver that's out of reach is dirty anyways.
Seni tutmayayım
Don't let me hold you up (said when parting after you meet a friend on the street)
kazasız belasız
safe and sound (w/o accident or trouble)
Canınız sağ olsun
It doesn't matter; Don't worry about it (said when something is damaged or something goes wrong)
ağaç yaşken eğilir
When the tree is young it bends (especially about children)
dinlemeye doyum olmaz
can't get enough of listening (to you)
allah rahatlık versin
sleep well; good night
lafın belini kırmak
to chat with someone
Kendinizle aranız nasıl?
How is your relationship with each other?
bildiğini okumak
to be a law to oneself, go one's own way
eşek şakası
practical joke, bad joke