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Basic Expressions and Greetings

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Oya, urakoze.
No, thank you.
Yee, nyabuneka
Yes, please.
Urakoze cyane.
Thank you very much.
Ni byo.
That is all right. ( literally "is okay")
Ni sawa.
That is all right. ( literally "is okay") Swahili
Si cyane.
Don't mention it. (literally "is not much" or it's nothing)
Murakaza neza.
You are welcome.
Good morning.
Good afternoon. Good evening.
Good night. ( as in goodbye)
Ijoro ryiza.
Have a great night.
Ni aho mu kanya.
See you soon.
Goodbye ( if you will not see them for a long time)
Mugire amahoro.
Go in peace.
Goodbye ( in the am -notice the extra "r"- different from good afternoon)
What's up? (literally "the news?"
Umeze ute?
How are you? (literally "you good?")
Mumeze mute?
How are you? (plural, literally "you(plural) good?")
Meze neza.
I am fine. (literally "I go good")
Tumeze neza.
We are fine.
Witwa nde?
What is your name?
Nitwa Allison.
My name is Allison.
Uyu ni Bwana...
This is Mr....
Uyu ni Madamu...
This is Mrs....
Ndishimye kubamenya.
I am happy to know you.
Biri kugenda bite?
How is it going? (less formal)
Bite byanyu?
How is it going? (super casual)
Bite se sha?
What's up? (only amongst close friends-very casual)
Nibyiza, murakoze, nawe se?
Fine, thanks, and you?
Excuse me. Sorry. Pardon.
Excuse me. (to multiple people)
Ni meza.
I'm fine.