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Vehicular Accident

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Nyabuneka hamagara abapolisi.
Pleas, call the police.
Habaye impanuka.
There has been an accident.
Ni nko ku birometero...
It is about ... kilometers from here.
Hari inkomere.
There are people injured.
Hamagara umuganga.
Call a doctor.
Dore perimi y'ubushoferi wanjye.
Here is my driver's license.
Utuye he?
Where do you live?
Uri mu buhe bwishingizi?
What is your insurance information?
Impanuka yatewe n'iki?
What caused this accident?
Byagenze bite?
How did this happen?
Yansekuriye imodoka nk'uko mubibona.
He hit my car like this.